Friday, April 20, 2018

I know, its been a while.

To be honest, I kinda forgot about this thing. I know, nobody missed it.

However, since the weather might finally start coming around to the point that I might get to play some golf every week I figured I could try to start this baby up again. To begin, I guess I should tell you how I did on that Jacksonville trip back in November, huh? I don't really remember any details now but I did write down the scores. Here's how I did!

11/3/17 at World Golf Village (King and Bear Course) : 71 (yes, one under par!)
11/4/17 at Osprey Cove : 81 (+9)
11/5/17 at Amelia Island Plantation (Ocean Dunes) : 81 (+11)
11/5/17 at AIP (Oak Marsh) : 79 (+7)
11/6/17 at Amelia River : 82 (+10)

Yep, that makes two consecutive 71s, even if they were a few weeks apart. As you can see, I came back down to earth after that. All in all the trip was very enjoyable as I had my good friend Bill Zimmerman there for all but the Oak Marsh round. Yes, that means I have a witness to that 71 up there, it really happened.

After this trip... well, not much golf has been played. In late March I shot 83 from the blue tees at Cypress Lakes, which could have been much worse. I started out 9-over after seven holes but somehow found enough band-aids to go 2-over the rest of the way. The next week I went to Clear Creek and shot 40 on the front nine before giving up. Why? They had a shotgun-start tournament going on and the pace was just murder. When I started toward the tenth tee I noticed that at least three groups were waiting to tee off. I said "nope" and got a rain check. My plan is to go out there this weekend and see if I can get in the full eighteen this time.

Meanwhile, I've continued trying to get this swing path thing down. At times it seems its working out really well, other times I feel kinda lost when I try it. That is what happened at Cypress Lakes, especially with the irons. At Clear Creek I had some variance also, I hit a few really awful shots but managed a number of quality ones as well. I still feel a little out of sorts with the backswing. I just have a hard time with how to get the hands back for some reason.

I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get it somewhat figured out before summer hits (assuming it arrives). I have booked two major golf trips for the year. In July I'll be going to The American Club Resort in Kohler, Wisconsin and playing all four courses at Whistling Straits and Blackwolf Run for more Pete Dye-designed goodness. In September I'll return to Florida and play the three courses at the new Streamsong Resort. I'll catch up with Bill in both places (hopefully) and catch an extra round or two along the way.

OK, thats enough for now. I'm sure you want those last few minutes back.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Jacksonville Pics!

I haven't had the time to sit down and write about the Jacksonville trip I took during the first weekend of November but I thought I'd at least share some of the photos I took of the courses that my friend Bill and I had the pleasure of butchering. I did have one particularly stellar round at the first course we played, hopefully by the time I write about it I'll remember what actually happened. Some of the photos I did share on Instagram and such so you might have seen some of this.

King and Bear Course at World Golf Village :

Osprey Cove in St. Mary's, Georgia :

Ocean Links at Amelia Island Plantation :

Oak Marsh at Amelia Island Plantation :

And finally, Amelia River Golf Club :